Chinese People Love the Steelers A-5kltv1Dgo[/youtube] Man, I was all ready to write about MAF’s comeback from injury, and how he was going to set the tone for the remainder of the Penguins season, but then I realized that I was gonna have to do a little research. Then, I found this video of 3,000 Chinese people cheering for […]

Snoop Dogg is Selling His Steelers Sanctuary

What is this, Snoop Dogg and Mini Ponies now (SDaMP)? Second post about him in the past week or so. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of his show Fatherhood, but the one thing that stood out was Snoop’s shed, where he’s banished by his kids and animals. He calls it a shed, sanctuary…whatever. When […]

Aaron Smith = AFC Defensive Player of the Week

He might not be going to the Pro Bowl, but Aaron Smith was just voted AFC Defensive Player of the Week. On a side note, do you understand how hard it is to find a picture of Smith with a female fan or two? Dude is married, quiet, has kids, isn’t in the spotlight, plays […]

Time For People To Bitch About Steelers Pro Bowl Snubs

Pro Bowl results came out yesterday, and the Steelers will be represented by 3 players. Jameses Harrison and Farrior will accompany Troy Polamalu to Hawaii to wear Steelers helmets with vomit-inducing jerseys in early February. Ed Bouchette, Steelers writer for the Post Gazette, seemed a little pissed that the team only has 3 representatives. I […]

Steelers Have 3 Pro Bowlers

The NFL announced the Pro Bowl rosters today. Your Pittsburgh Steelers have 3 representatives, all on the defensive side. They are: James HarrisonJames FarriorTroy Polamalu Harrison and Polamalu are starters. Farrior is a reserve. Each of these guys deserves strong consideration for NFL Defensive MVP. In random news, Polamalu will be backed up by his […]

Santonio Holmes is Funny

Santonio updated his semi-new Yardbarker blog prior to yesterday’s game, and it turns out that Holmes is kinda funny. Check out the joke he wrote: It’s the third quarter and the Steelers are running a no-huddle offense.BEN: “Tone, Heath, Nate, Hines — come on guys, line up.”Ben looks at Heath and gives him the wink.HINES: […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Before I get into anything about the game itself, a big congrats is in order for the Steelers, who used the 13-9 win to clinch the 2008 AFC North Title! Everyone bowl and dance! So now…the game. Let me re-print what I wrote last week, after another back and forth defensive struggle with the Cowboys: […]

If You’re A Division Winner and You Know It… …Bowl and dance. Video is from the December before Ben was drafted. CONGRATS TO THE STEELERS! 2008 AFC NORTH DIVISION CHAMPS!

I Hate the Ravens


Rick Tocchet Is, And Never Was, Smart

We’ll always have a soft spot for Rick Tocchet in the Burgh, despite the fact that he only came to the team at the trading deadline of the second Cup win and the fact that he’s made some pretty questionable decisions. Tocchet, as you’ll remember, pleaded guilty to conspiring and promoting an underground gambling ring. […]

Wikipedia Hates Dave Littlefield

I’m at my company Christmas party, so this is all I’m giving you. Enjoy this little nugget from my buds at TIGG: Wikipedia Hates Dave Littlefield. As does 99% of Pittsburgh.

More Birds are Steelers Fanboys

Back in July, I told you about this one bird that was a Steelers fanboy. That bird should totally get together with this one and discuss some Steelers stuff. Actually, this one is demonic and creepy. If I was walking through the house in the dark and that voice started popping up, I’d most likely […]

Matt Mosley is Bitter

One more little bit from me regarding the Cowboys game, then all my attention is going to the upcoming game in Baltimore. I’ve given ESPN “blogger” Matt Mosley a decent amount of grief. Right after he launched’s first blog, Hashmarks, I tore apart the notion that he was, in fact, starting a blog. And […]

Oh Yeah. Snoop Dogg Loves the Steelers and Youth Football

Sometimes, my mind wanders off, and I totally forget that Snoop Dogg has a huge stiffy for Pittsburgh sports. Remember, this is the guy that kills the old Penguins jersey in his Gin and Juice video. Also, when I saw him at Amsterjam ’05 on Randalls Island in NYC (along with 311, RHCP, Garbage, Wyclef, […]

Site News: PSaMP Will Liveblog Puppy Bowl V!

So, the past few weeks of the NFL season have predictably brought on postseason talk, with teams jockeying for playoff position. This is only gonna get more intense as the regular season nears its end. Then, once the playoffs start, we’ll be hearing about the Super Bowl nonstop. The Steelers will inevitably play in the […]