Aaron Smith = AFC Defensive Player of the Week

He might not be going to the Pro Bowl, but Aaron Smith was just voted AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

On a side note, do you understand how hard it is to find a picture of Smith with a female fan or two? Dude is married, quiet, has kids, isn’t in the spotlight, plays an unsexy position and pretty much limits his on-field celebrations to a Keisel high-five. Needless to say, the chicks aren’t gonna swarm to him like they would any of the other Steelers who recently got the weekly award.

Now that he’s finally getting some pub, maybe Aaron will get recognized, and will replace some faux-injured player who will most likely pull out of the game in Honolulu.

Remember, this is the guy who tore his biceps last season, which caused our pass rush to nearly die.

Congrats, Aaron!

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