Site News: PSaMP Will Liveblog Puppy Bowl V!

So, the past few weeks of the NFL season have predictably brought on postseason talk, with teams jockeying for playoff position. This is only gonna get more intense as the regular season nears its end. Then, once the playoffs start, we’ll be hearing about the Super Bowl nonstop.

The Steelers will inevitably play in the Super Bowl, so I’ll be around a television all day on February 1st. Which brings me to the point of this post.


I wanted to do it last year for Pupy Bowl IV, but didn’t have the time. But dammit, I’m staking claim to the only Puppy Bowl live blog that will matter come early February ’09. The NY Post tried to do it last year, and the attempt was cheap. We’re going all out for Puppy Bowl V here at PSaMP, with cuteness overload everywhere you look.

I felt today was good enough for the announcement, seeing as major networks are announcing television strategies to counteract the Super Bowl. Puppy Bowl has will be a perfect fit here, seeing my love for cool little critters ‘n all.

I’ll be re-announcing my liveblog plans when Puppy Bowl gets closer, but if you’d like to be re-informed via email, hit me up and I’ll get you on a email chain.

Remember, the definitive Puppy Bowl V liveblog will be here at PSaMP.

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