Matt Mosley is Bitter

One more little bit from me regarding the Cowboys game, then all my attention is going to the upcoming game in Baltimore.

I’ve given ESPN “blogger” Matt Mosley a decent amount of grief. Right after he launched’s first blog, Hashmarks, I tore apart the notion that he was, in fact, starting a blog. And I think I just used up my comma quota in that last sentence.

Whatever your feelings are regarding that little nugget, check out what Mosley had to say about Deshea’s game-winning pick-6. Remember that Mosley writes the NFC East blog on the dot com, and was an award winning writer for the DALLAS Morning News.

The Steelers also hated the fact that Witten suggested that his slip led to the game-winning interception. Townsend wanted everyone to know that defensive coordinator Dick LaBeau knew the exact play the Cowboys were going to run when they lined up with trips to the right side. Well, I highly doubt that. That’s the type of things players say when they return a touchdown to win the game.

Highly doubt? That’s the type of things bitter Cowboys homers say when their team collapses.

And its LeBeau. Get to know his name before you knock his genius.

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