Snoop Dogg is Selling His Steelers Sanctuary

What is this, Snoop Dogg and Mini Ponies now (SDaMP)? Second post about him in the past week or so.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces of his show Fatherhood, but the one thing that stood out was Snoop’s shed, where he’s banished by his kids and animals. He calls it a shed, sanctuary…whatever. When Snoop needs a place to relax (smoke), he goes out to his sanctuary.

And you better believe that his sanctuary gives homage to the Steelers.

But now, as part of the plot behind the new season, Snoop is selling his sanctuary, and upgrading to a better Steelers-themed hangout. And the old one is currently for sale on eBay, nonetheless.

All the money raised is donated to the Snoop Youth Football League, better known as the league in which Snoop coached back to back championships.

So if you have an extra $3,600 laying around (where bidding currently stands), drop some cash on the acrid-smelling Dogg House.

h/t Sheena

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