Rest in Peace, Doubt About It

I’m gonna take the mic for a second and tell you about the death of a certain blog.

The guys at Doubt About It have closed up shop and took the blog out back. Gunshots were heard, and all we have left is the final post.

The end of a blog has a weird feeling. It happens so often, because most “bloggers” start a site and burn out within a month. Some of us can’t let go, so we keep going because you keep reading. Assholes. DAI went strong for a year and a half. That’s longer than you’ve ever blogged, so shut up.

I always had a closeness with DAI. When I started blogging, there was, perhaps, one major Pittsburgh sportsblog. Sure, there were a few good ones that only talked Pitt, Pirates, etc, but only one really that covered all Pittsburgh sports. So I used my knowledge and fandom to start PSaMP. Shortly after, DAI sprung up.

Since DAI started only a few short months after I started PSaMP, we sorta grew together. I watched what they were doing and they (hopefully) got a kick out of my work. I was more than honored when they imitated me in a faux conversation between Mondesi’s House, The Pensblog and PSaMP.

When I hit my 6 month anniversary, I invited DAI to take part in an over-the-top 6 month celebration. They contributed a post as well as a MPotD.

But now, DAI is gone. In that final post, you’ll find some truly interesting nuggets about blogging and the state of the Pittsburgh sports blogosphere. I urge you to read it. A lot of people don’t have the balls to call out certain “big time” sports blogs, but DAI made sure you won’t go away without a bit of dropped knowledge.

Did I always agree with everything DAI posted? Hell no, because I don’t don’t live in a buddy-buddy, everything is rosy type of world. But I respected that they continually put out quality material, and didn’t bow to advertising dollars, recaps and glorified link dumps. Remember the Big Ben video game? Clutch.

So I salute DAI as they ride off into the sunset. The Pittsburgh sports blogosphere was a better place with them, and hopefully their words will make it an even better place in the future.

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