LaMarr Woodley = AFC Defensive Player Of The Week

Seven total tackles, two sacks, a forced fumble and a pass knocked down will usually get you that award. Woodley has had a habit of coming up huge on crucial drives, and literally terrorized Joe Flacco on Sunday.

Which brings us to the award. When a Steelers player wins a player of the week honor, I MS Paint the words onto a picture of them with a few chicas. But we’ve run into this problem with Woodley before. The only other time he won player of the week, I had to crop his face onto Willie Parker’s body. A year and three months later, and LaMarr still doesn’t have any good pictures of him with the ladies.

There’s this one, but that might be fam. I’d feel bad calling them chicks if it was really a sister or aunt or mother or something. But the plea is still out there…TAKE BETTER PICTURES, WOOD.

Not that the above picture is bad, mind you. I’d just rather there be a lady rather than a pizza box.

Congrats, LaMarr!

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