2009 Sucked

Yeah, 2009 saw the city bring home both a Lombardi Trophy and a Stanley Cup. However, I’m a firm believer in moving forward and always trying to get better. Katt Williams, as always, says it best:

“You gotta keep it pushing. I don’t even go to ni**as’ birthday parties if they doing the same shit as last year.”

So those trophies were nice, but we gotta keep it pushing. You sit back and rest on your laurels, you lose your edge. Simple as that.

I started 2009 still at blogspot. We flipped the script, came over to the brand-new Bloguin, made some sick free iPhone and Droid phone apps, and now sit here on the last day of the year, picking each others’ butts. Yeah! Naked. What?

All that was well and good, but it’s time to keep it pushing. We’ll see what kind of unforeseen stuff the new year/decade brings. Thanks for what you brought, 2009, but you sucked. I’m ready for 2010 like none other. That way, we can get to the 2012 Mayan end of the world quicker.

Go Pens.

Go Steelers.

Go Pirates.

Go any other small sports team in the city of Pittsburgh…you are better than everyone else.

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