Some Babe Is Telling Me The Steelers Lost When I Know They Won

I checked Youtube yesterday for any Steelers videos that were recently uploaded. I found one that was published the same day as the Steelers win over Baltimore, but the file name suggested that the Steelers lost. I was intrigued, so I clicked through.

Turns out, it was just some babe consoling you with some stock language if the Steelers lost. It was for a place called HottieGram, where you can send video emails of Playboy Playmates speaking prerecorded sentences that may or may not include all NFL team names. That Youtube link is PG-13, I’ll refrain from linking the actual, NSFW site. You can find it through the Youtube page, or by using Google, slacker.

There are only a few people I’d actually believe if they told me the Steelers lost. Hot chicks are in that category.

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