Steelers Fan Deserved It

The quality of this video is terrible, so let’s go to its description: “Eagles Game 12/20/2009 – Pittsburgh Steelers [fan] stands up and takes a few snowballs during a game.“ If you go to an opposing stadium to watch two different teams other than your own while wearing your team’s gear, you have to expect […]

Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: Red Wings Fail

“It was in the firesale pile w/ Curtis Granderson baby tees, $5.“ Those words, which mark the first quasi-piece of unlicensed Pittsburgh merch featured here, come from my good buds at D4L. I’ll give them props, because as Red Wings fans, it had to be hard to share an epic Red Wings fail like this. […]

This Makes Little Sense

Sometimes, we like to search Youtube for our favorite sports teams. Usually, we find what we’re looking for. Other times, like now, we open Pandora’s box and the ridiculousness starts pouring out. I was unaware of any connection between the Steelers and the Beatles other than the fact that they both rule. However, someone decided […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

When I was younger, I’d play Madden NFL Whataveryear on Playstation 1 and go through season mode, usually with the Steelers. If I wasn’t the Steelers, I was the Eagles…Brian Dawkins had to have been in his 3rd or 4th season and was a terror on D. Sometimes, games would come down to whoever had […]


Black and Golddust thanks you bandwagon-jumpers for clearing out some elbow space. It was getting packed and annoying. Yes, the 2009 season spiraled out of control, and we’re looking at a playoffs noticeably missing the Steelers. But these final few weeks are the last times you get to see this team until summer…remember that in […]

The Consol Energy Center Probably Won’t Be So Cramped

Some dude uploaded a cool little video of the Penguins during their pregame ritual before the 6-1 win over the Flyers on Tuesday. It was the first of a home-and-home series, which Pittsburgh inevitably swept. This game was in Pittsburgh, and while showing the players as they mentally prepare for the game, it also highlights […]

OMG Responsible Sports Writing LOLZ!!!1!

Time to unveil a new, semi-regular series here at PSAMP. I had too much fun with Hines Ward’s meta-apology to Ben a few weeks ago, so now I’m going to use the format to highlight some sports journalism. Some bad sports journalism. LOLspeak will expose these turd-worthy articles, showing how patently ridiculous they are. I’ll […]

A Time To Celebrate And Remember Paul Sciullo

Back in April, Officer Paul Sciullo was killed in the most violent standoff in Pittsburgh police department history. Paul is seen in his much younger years on the left, wearing the Steelers shirt. Sean over at Pittsburgh Magazine has an excellent piece on Sciullo…how he grew up loving Mario Lemieux (ed – likewise) while eventually […]

Alyonka and Diana Larionov Are Still Hot, Charitable

Thanks to my good bud at D4L for sending this over. PensTV hottie Alyonka Larionov, along with her equally-gorgeous sister Diana, are helping the Hockey Fights Cancer cause with a new Christmas song. Proceeds from the song, which can be purchased on iTunes, go to the charity. The song they wrote is called “That’s What […]


I call it like I see it. These guys weren’t Lemieux and Jagr. This dude wasn’t Troy Polamalu. And now we got another Mario imposter. I have no idea what this video is about, because they seem to only be speaking in French and giggles. The guy on the left can’t control his body, and […]

The Penguins Are Jerks

Saw this via Empty Netters. Sidney Crosby, Max Talbot, Pascal Dupuis and Jay McKee decided to play a little prank on the team’s strength and conditioning coach. Because who likes those guys? All they make you do is work out an exercise. From the first-hand account: I went to Penstation xmas shopping today, and we […]

It’s Always Sucky In Philadelphia

Benstonium pops in with another short and sweet video. If you’re anything like me, you love the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. However, as a Pittsburgh sports fan, you cringe a little when references to the local Phillies, Flyers and/or Eagles are made. It almost feels naughty to enjoy something from,

Model Steelers Trains Rule. Take 2

Back in March, I showed you another cool Steelers train set. I said: “I don’t care if this makes me look like a gigantic geek or something, but I love watching model trains.” And since Christmas is coming back, I thought I’d like to cement my opinion on model trains. They are cool, and they […]