Model Steelers Trains Rule. Take 2

Back in March, I showed you another cool Steelers train set. I said:

“I don’t care if this makes me look like a gigantic geek or something, but I love watching model trains.”

And since Christmas is coming back, I thought I’d like to cement my opinion on model trains. They are cool, and they are everywhere this time of the year. Overly’s always had a sweet train set when I was a kid around Christmastime. And Christmas always brings out my Dad’s vintage Lionel set from the mid-50s…so I’ll be scoping that over the holidays. You can learn about it at that other train link up top.

The one in this video is about 50x longer than the one from back in March. This one has all sorts of different cars and attachments…even separate trolley cars. It’s like any train car that you can imagine, only with some kind of Steelers reference painted on the side.

Video is below. And if video doesn’t come through on the iPhone and Android app, then here’s a link right here.

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