The Consol Energy Center Probably Won’t Be So Cramped

Some dude uploaded a cool little video of the Penguins during their pregame ritual before the 6-1 win over the Flyers on Tuesday. It was the first of a home-and-home series, which Pittsburgh inevitably swept. This game was in Pittsburgh, and while showing the players as they mentally prepare for the game, it also highlights just how small and old the Civic Arena looks.

I live in NYC now, but my apartment even looks bigger than the Pens’ little pregame corner of the world. And immediately after this screengrab, the rest of the team just jams in there on their way to the rink.

This isn’t even mentioning the weird phone and electrical outlets. This looks like a produce cellar in some old person’s house. I’m surprised the team doesn’t have to duck to avoid low-hanging beams or exposed wiring.

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