I call it like I see it. These guys weren’t Lemieux and Jagr. This dude wasn’t Troy Polamalu. And now we got another Mario imposter.

I have no idea what this video is about, because they seem to only be speaking in French and giggles. The guy on the left can’t control his body, and is laughing at 99% of the stuff that happens. They could be talking about ethnic cleansing for all I know.

Dude on the right is just a massive creep with a horrible mustache.

And then there’s Mario. At least this guy is in a little better shape than the last guy who was supposed to be Mario. But c’mon, you can’t just slap a jersey on someone and expect your audience to play along. I wore a Fleury jersey the other day…doesn’t mean I could just pop down into the butterfly technique and make split saves like MAF. You gotta be able to act the part as well, and the only thing this fake Lemieux does to resemble the real 66 is to be short with the media.

I guess those other two guys are the media. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt…they could just be totally random shmoes who happen to be sitting next to Mario Lemieux, losing their minds.

Video below.

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