Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

This game perfectly summed up the 2009 Steelers season. Hanging around with a horrible team, waiting on the defense to make a play. One play. Waiting for the offense to remember the talent on their side of the ball and score points to take control of a game’s outcome. The same scenario has played out […]


It’s Week 14 of the NFL season, and the Steelers only have 5 more wins than the Browns. That wouldn’t be that bad of a thing…if the Browns had more than 1 win. The Steelers have struggled a lot over the last month, including losses to some horrible teams. The Browns are a horrible team […]

Steelers Crafts Rule

I was born in the Christy Park district of Versailles, McKeesport, whatever. Lived most of my life about 10 minutes south on the rural Youghiogheny in a town of about 600 people during its peak years that I was there. So during this time of the year, my family would head down to some place […]

Get The New FREE PSAMP iPhone, iPod Touch And Android Phone Apps

The first time I heard someone say they could get the Internet on their phone, I looked at them like they were an idiot. The smallest web devices were laptops or something, I thought. That means nothing, but you can’t deny the mobility of the Internet these days. Which is why I’m happy to announce […]

I’m Having More Fun Watching Geno

No offense to either Craig Adams or Bob Errey, as I’m sure their faceoff-winning spot was pretty informative, but I was too busy watching Geno (and Staal?) practice in the background to really notice. Love how he swoops in and steals the practive puck from right between Errey’s feet.

Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: Ray Lewis Shot Joey Porter

Some unlicensed Pittsburgh merch is absolutely golden. For every 4-5 pathetic Super Bowl ripoffs is something truly hilarious. This, from Cotter, is one of the goodies. I also have to give partial credit to BZ, who claimed to have the same one (or at least something remarkably similar) in the comments of this post. Say…where […]

The Pirates Make Dogs Bite-y

So even dogs know how much the Pirates have sucked over the last 17 years. And I’ll go ahead and guess that this pup is less than 3 years old, so it wasn’t even alive for the Jeromy Burnitz era. The owner has definitely taught it well. You’ll notice that the toy isn’t Iceburgh or […]

Donnie Daaaaarko Talks About The Steelers*

*I ripped that headline straight from the email from my sister, when she sent me this stuff on Friday. Except her email subject was “jake gyllenhaaaaal talks about the steelers.” I changed it from Jake to Donnie because that movie was awesome, and later on Friday, I went to a live acoustic set by Ian […]

Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Yeah right I’m gonna recap that nonsense. Big-time b.s. on both sides of the ball. The D proved once again that they can’t be counted on to protect a late lead. They’ve shown nothing this entire year to make us believe otherwise. And the offense continually plays down to inferior opponents. The D should not […]

The Raiders Are Stupid And I Hate Them

Some say that the rivalry with the Raiders ended 30+ years ago. I say that those people are stupid. As long as the Steelers and Raiders exist, there will be memories of days past. And it doesn’t help that Big Ben clearly remembers the loss to Oakland in 2006. I guess his concussion symptoms aren;t […]

Some Steelers Want Your Toys

‘Tis the season to give, so quit being a grinch and get rid of your old toys. I don’t care how old you are…I know you got toys somewhere and you should probably give them to people who need them more than you do. On Tuesday, December 8th, LaMarr Woodley, Willie Parker, Dennis Dixon and […]

Mike Tomlin Is Drunk

Thanks to my buddy Benson for this. He put together a new Mike Tomlin press conference video, only this time, Mike seems a little tipsy. It’s a classic “t-t-t-t-to-t-day, junior” scenario, where Benson captures Mike at his most stumbley-est. We’re used to his “unleash hell”-demeanor…it’s funny to watch him when his thoughts aren’t all put […]