If They Steelers Had Listened To Me, Every Pittsburgh Sports Team Would Have A Crosby

So it turns out that the Pirates are either close to signing or have already signed SS Bobby Crosby. I’m writing this on Tuesday night, so there’s conflicting reports on if he’s signed yet or not. Wikipedia has him listed as a member of the Pirates as of 6:46 PM EST, and we know that Wikipedia is a beacon of truth, so…YAY BOBBY CROSBY!

There have already been “he should wear number 87” jokes, likening his last name to that one guy that plays hockey in town. And you know what, the Steelers had a chance to make it a Crosby-trifecta in the city if they would’ve only listened to my sparkling analysis.

I started this site in early 2007. Probably one of the first times my site was recognized was when my buddy BP at Awful Announcing had a sports bloggers NFL mock draft. TSW was slotted to take the first pick for the Steelers, and I had the second rounder. My pick…K Mason Crosby. Second round.

Now, my pick was all in good fun, as I was joking about Jeff Reed’s then-recent cell-phone-in-the-bathroom incident and not wanting to see the top of his…ahem…junk again. So I went with the top K prospect, who was eventually taken by the Packers.

Which means we could’ve had a Crosby starting on every major Pittsburgh sports team. Thanks for not following my advice, Steelers front office. Mason Crosby totally would’ve made that 53-yard FG against the Raiders.

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