Steelers Crafts Rule

I was born in the Christy Park district of Versailles, McKeesport, whatever. Lived most of my life about 10 minutes south on the rural Youghiogheny in a town of about 600 people during its peak years that I was there. So during this time of the year, my family would head down to some place like Monongahela and other towns that had Christmas decorations/open houses at shoppes and that kinda stuff.

And you know for sure there’s always Steelers, Penguins and Pirates-themed crafts everywhere. Christmas’ official colors in Southwestern PA are red, green, Black and Gold.

I could easily start rattling off all the most-likely-unlicensed merch as the camera pans back and forth, but I think I would go into system overload. I’m content to just sick back, watch and say “Yes!” every time a new cool Steelers Christmas thing comes on screen.