Donnie Daaaaarko Talks About The Steelers*

*I ripped that headline straight from the email from my sister, when she sent me this stuff on Friday. Except her email subject was “jake gyllenhaaaaal talks about the steelers.” I changed it from Jake to Donnie because that movie was awesome, and later on Friday, I went to a live acoustic set by Ian McCulloch here in NYC. Which my sister helped host. Yeah, that says guest-list only. McCulloch is the lead singer of Echo & The Bunnymen, who had one of their songs featured on the Darko soundtrack. So I guess this post brings it all together. You still reading this? Really?

Anyway, scope the video I took of Ian finishing his set with The Killing Moon.

You’ve probably seen this story and video of Jake on the Jay Leno show on a million places already, so it seems silly to even go into great detail. I stole the banner pic from Virginia, so there’s that. He’s been in Pittsburgh filming a movie, and talks about how he now loves the Steelers and Primantis.

So yeah…fringe relation to the Steelers and an already-old story. It was all just an elaborate front to talk about the sick McCulloch show, I guess.

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