Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Yeah right I’m gonna recap that nonsense. Big-time b.s. on both sides of the ball. The D proved once again that they can’t be counted on to protect a late lead. They’ve shown nothing this entire year to make us believe otherwise.

And the offense continually plays down to inferior opponents. The D should not have been protecting a 4-point lead late. Going 2-5 in the redzone is unacceptable, and scores in those failed drives should’ve had the Steelers up 2, 3 scores on the Raiders. We shoulda been worried about an onside kick at the very least, not a game-winning drive by Oakland.

Bruce Arians needs to be shown the door. Dick LeBeau needs to re-work his schemes. And as much as I love Tomlin’s cool, calm demeanor, he needs to get in someone’s face. You can’t just sit and watch your team fail with increasing regularity like Cowher did in 2006.

In lieu of my too-mad-to-think ramblings, go check out these places for better analysis.


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