Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

This game perfectly summed up the 2009 Steelers season. Hanging around with a horrible team, waiting on the defense to make a play. One play. Waiting for the offense to remember the talent on their side of the ball and score points to take control of a game’s outcome. The same scenario has played out all season long, and unfolded again as the fourth quarter neared its end in Cleveland.

The Steelers finally waited too long.

It was probably foolish of us to think anything else was going to happen. If your team unfortunately plays at a constant level of inconsistency through the first 13 weeks of the season, I doubt they’re going to magically resurrect from the poo and become world-beaters in the 14th.

These last few weeks have been tough. Figuring out something to write about for 5 straight losses is stupidly hard. Mad love to those writers and bloggers who can keep it up. I haven’t given out individual ratings in weeks thanks to the anger, and wasn’t even going to hypocritically start to bring it back if we won…as the anger eventually turned to apathy.

A wise person once said that the only good thing about a Super Bowl hangover is that winning a Super Bowl had to be a part of the equation. And even though I try to be an eternal optimist about the Steelers, consoling myself with 2008’s spoils while the 2009 team continually brings the suck does nothing to numb the pain.

The playoffs without the Steelers will be dumb, but we’ve been down this road before. Even though it sucks, the Steelers will still be my football team next week. And early January. And late February, after a suddenly-insignificant Super Bowl playoffs determines some other caca champion. And beyond. Whatever. We’ll see what an offseason following a crushing disappointment of a year brings.


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