A Steelers Fan In Cleveland Turned On A Bunch Of Lights At The House From ‘A Christmas Story’

Completely honest, I have a lot of fun writing my PSAMP post titles. I usually keep ’em pretty simple, trying to mention whatever the story is about in my own voice. It took me a while to figure out how to best word this one to get all the necessary info included.

Thanks to Ed for sending the story over. He says:

The house where the movie “A Christmas Story” was filmed is located on the west side of Cleveland. They did a Griswald-like lighting this year and invited fans to enter a contest to win a chance to plug in the lights. Check out Bob Cox, from Pittsburgh, rocking his No. 86 Hines Ward jersey as he turns on the lights in Cleveland.

I caught some of A Christmas Story at my hotel when I was back visiting family over this past Christmas weekend. I musta half-watched it 4-5 times in a row since I fell asleep with the annual marathon of it on the tv.

I never knew the house was in Cleveland. I always wanted to see it before I knew its location. Now I’m less enthusiastic. But turning on a gazillion lights while wearing a Hines Ward jersey right before the Steelers play in town is supremely badass.

I hope Browns fans witness the inevitable slaughter and yell OHHHH FUUUUDGE in slow motion.

Go Steelers.

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