This Steelers Fan Knows Everything Ever

Following this Sunday’s Steelers loss, 60 Minutes had a spot about a phenomenon known as Superior Autobiographical Memory. It is so rare that only 5 people were diagnosed with it when they started the news spot. And then they brought out Marilu Henner (don’t ask) and she became official case #6.

Superior Autobiographical Memory is nuts. Those with it can remember every seemingly-insignificant detail about every day of the lives back to a certain point. Honestly, it’s fascinating. Check out the stories and videos here. In the clip above, one movie producer, who is also a Steelers fan, is grilled by Leslie Stahl about different Steelers happenings dating back to the 70s. And not just “which QB won 4 Super Bowls” or some kiddie nonsense. No, Leslie wanted dates of games, and Steelers fan is able to call out games, bye weeks and anything you can imagine. He even remembered specific imagery from Roger Staubach getting destroyed by LC Greenwood.

All in all, the phenomenon is fascinating. I can’t recommend the entire segment enough. Enjoy the Steelers-specific part above.

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