Big Ben Is A Walking Stick

Every now and then, it’s always fun to check out Etsy to see what weird and random stuff people are selling. You’ll always find odd Pittsburgh sports crafts and things that really don’t have any other home on the Internet in which to set up shop.

Today, I came across the Big Ben walking stick. For when you’re walking on some crazy tough terrain and need the ‘shrug-it-off‘ mentality of the Steelers QB. From Etsy:

This walking stick is sturdy and can be used for hiking, walking or just a great conversational piece for you and your friends.

If you watched the game last Sunday, you know that “Big Ben” is a sturdy guy and so is this walking stick..

Have fun looking at him. This comes with a leather tether and a rubber tip on the bottom… the stick is 60″….

And there you have it. I would like to request either a Flozell Adams or Max Starks carved walking stick that’s like 90″ and 100 pounds. Just some tree ripped out of the forest and then painted with a Steelers logo.

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