19 POINT LEAD WITH ONLY MINUTES TO GO…(breathe, breathe)

what the hell. iunderstand that eric maynor is a good point guard. i understand that he creates shots for other people when hes not scoring points himself. but a 19 point lead, in the 2nd half, should at least let your fans breathe. as soon as the lead dipped to 17, i was like “oh no.” honestly, those words went through my mind. pitt seems to get caught up in snowball-games like the one on display last night, where they look like an elite 8 team, maybe even final 4 (dare i say)! but as soon as another team hits one big shot, or pitt misses that one easy shot (or free throw, levance fields, ill get to you later), then my mouth goes dry and i think, “we’re going to blow a 19 point, 2nd half lead.” i really thought pitt was gonna lose. minutes 5 through 2 in the 2nd half seemed to drag on forever, and watching pitt became frustrating.
but even if you blow a lead that large, you should be able to make, i don’t know, at least 1 of 2 free throws with 2.1 seconds left. HOW MUCH ARC do you need to put on a shot? really? i played basketball in 3rd grade and that was it, but i understand the ball will go in the rim with much less arc than what levance fields puts on his shots. and then he throws his headband off like its the headbands fault for spending more eating than practicing his free throw.
pitt won however, and will face ucla, and former coach ben howland in the sweet 16. i had this part of my bracket highlighted, and hoped both pitt and ucla would make it. its just another mentor/protege game, tom izzo/tom crean, and thad matta going up against a stout xavier team that he left for ohio state. but its bs if the players get caught up in it, because there is little to no howland-era fingerprints on this team, save for say jamie dixon. jamie needs to forget about vcu, and focus real hard, on ucla. pitt must jump out early, and can ill afford to blow any lead to ucla.
hats off to eric maynor and vcu, though. they were a fun team to watch. everyone at the arena wanted pitt to lose once vcu started their run. their ability to force overtime is truly commendable. i expect the same, or more, in coming tournaments. yet a win, any type of win, still allows you to move on. pitt lives to fight another day. hopefully they can conjure up some of that “first-half magic” for more than 20 minutes versus ucla.

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