42,000 People Suck

Um…are we serious?

This poll is on CBS Sportsline’s NFL page today. It asks readers to voice who they think can stop the Patriots on their quest for the perfect season and the Super Bowl.

Let’s look at the choices available, and the selections made by 42,000+ idiots.

Aside from our Steelers, CBS offers the Packers, who aren’t guaranteed to play the Patriots, the Colts and Cowboys, who have both already lost to New England and New England themselves.

The dorks chiming in on this box of stupidity have picked the Packers as the consensus team to stop the Patriots. Sure, if the Packers were even scheduled to play New England. Oooh…let’s base our argument on what we hope is going to happen! 28%…gimme a break.

Next in line is Nobody. Glad you are all thinking positive. Nerds.

Third is the Cowboys. Last I checked, the ‘Boys already lost to New England, and will only meet the Patriots if the Packers (who were picked to stop New England earlier in this stupid poll) fail to reach the Super Bowl. Are you even thinking when you highlight your choice?

Fourth position finally brings us to the Steelers. This is the only team on the list that is actually guaranteed to play New England this season. Yet, only 13% of the sample, or less than half of those who picked the not-guaranteed Packers, decided to choose Pittsburgh. I’m so lost at this point.

Fifth is the Colts. They, too, have already lost to New England, and will only play the Patriots again if several scenarios iron out so that the teams meet in the postseason. However, that didn’t stop 11% of the poll-takers from picking the already-vanquished Colts. That’s only 2% less than the only team that will positively play New England this season. As we continue to move through the picks of the people, I find myself seething. Are CBS Sportsline readers this dumb?

Sixth is the Patriots. What?! No Giants, Dolphins, Jets, Eagles (Philly hasn’t played New England as of my writing this) or Ravens? And 9% of the jerk sample picked the Patriots to beat themselves, or only 4% less than those who picked the Steelers. I’d be offended, but its hard to get offended by people with little to no brain.

So what have we learned? A whole bunch of nothing. CBS Sportsline readers are ridiculously horrible at polls, which might be the simplest things ever. Its a test, but the answers are provided for you, and none are technically wrong. Unless you read CBS Sportsline and take their polls. Then you are wrong. A lot.

I think Who’s Now was better…

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