6 Words: Don’t Ever Fly Out Of Philly

You know what really makes a blogger mad?

Mean comments/emails? Well, yeah to a certain degree.

Slow sports days? That, too.

Low visitor turnout? Somewhat.

Delayed flights? Bingo.

If anyone tells you to fly out of Philadelphia, don’t do it. That airport takes way too many planes each day. Way more than they can handle.

I had to catch a connection flight in Philly on my way from Pittsburgh to NYC. Everything in Pittsburgh was smooth sailing. My troubles began when I got on the plane in Philly.

First, the ramp driver crashed into the plane or something. He needed to be taken to the hospital while the airport supervisor checked to see if there was any damage to the plane. That took about 30 minutes.

Then, after waiting for clearance, the pilot got into line on the runway. We lost valuable time, which put us in 30th position to take off. The pilot said it would be a 40-45 minute wait. It was nearly an hour and a half.

Laguardia? Piece of cake. Philly was horrible. And the weather was terrible. It was nice in Pittsburgh (at like 4 in the morning, may I remind you) and its beautiful in NYC. Philly? Overcast…rainy…disgusting…ramp drivers wrecking into planes. All in all, a horrible experience. That’s what I get for trying to save a couple bucks by not taking a direct flight.

If you ever have the opportunity to save some money by transferring flights in Philly, don’t do it. I’ll personally send you the extra cash just to relieve the traffic in that hellhole.

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