A Mini Pony To Say Hello

Hello folks, we’re Eddy Spaghetti from the aptly titled EddySpaghetti.com. Mr. Bowl_Jackson was nice enough to let us help out with the site while he’s out of commission and we’re all atwitter over the opportunity.

Although we are pretty much a Penguins blog, we’ve been itching to talk about the other Burgh sports topics including, but not limited to: if it’s acceptable to watch Reaper on the CW because Big Ben is dating the female lead, if the new Pirates leadership will trade for the oldest player on every roster that broke .500 last season like the last one did, how fun it is to say San Antonio Holmes in a bar and then watch everyone else wonder if they’ve been saying his name wrong for the last year and a half.

Above is a mini pony just to show we care and want to start off on the right foot. Also, it looks like it just got woken up out of a crate in Pulp Fiction. Maybe, that’s just us…

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