A Plea To Silverback

Please rip this dude’s moustache off.

I saw ESPN’s Sunday Conversation with Welker, and he was sportin’ a dumb moustache. I couldn’t find the video, so I did the next best thing…MS Paint. If you find the video, let me know.

Another thing. Who is this guy? He sounds/looks exactly like Tobey Maguire. I hope Silverback feasts on him.

On a side note, as much as I wanted to see the Patriots fall last night, I found myself rooting for the Ravens to blow it. My Steelers homerism only permits so much support for a division rival. Plus, I didn’t want everyone to be gushing over Jesus Lewis, Rex Ryan and the Ravens D. Give it a week, and the topic will be centered around the people who really deserve it…Dick LeBeau, Silverback, Farrior, Foote, etc. I called the Steelers to win. That prediction is so firm, its like it took Cialis. However, my prediction won’t wear off in 36 hours.

Oh, and we don’t have AJ Feeley or Kyle Boller. I predicted Boller would throw a Feeley “dumb interception,” and he did. Ben needs to take what the Patriots secondary gives him, and not force it through 3-4 defenders. If he plays smart, there’s no reason to believe that our violent team won’t wear down those old ass NE linebackers.

But still, Silverback needs to eat Wes Welker.

You’re welcome.

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