Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Kennywood Was Just Sold!!!!!!!

Oh no. Kennywood (and Sandcastle) was just sold to Spanish-based Parques Reunidos.

I don’t know what that means for the future of the best Amusement Park in the world. This news nearly made me cry. I SAID NEARLY. Get it straight, jerk.

In the meantime, enjoy my Liveblog straight from Kennywood from this past summer.

PSaMP at Kennywood:

Intro (Steel Phantom)
Still Soaking Wet
The Famous Potato Patch
The Famous Potato Patch: Part 2
New Ride
2 Words. Thunder. Bolt.
Old Fave
Wild Lights and Music
Gran Prix
Goin’ Home

I rule.

I love you, Kennywood.

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