Albert Belle Would Kick a Mini Pony

So I put a poll up on PSaMP (top left corner) to find out what people think of the newest PSaMP logo. Overwhelmingly, the most repetitious response is Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen. That was my personal opinion, so I’m glad consensus is with me.

However, I added a Create Your Own Answer option. To this point, 3 people have decided that the choices PSaMP wrote were unfit. You can’t see what they wrote, but by logging in to my Poll Daddy account, PSaMP is able to see what these 3 renegade voters wanted to really say. I’d like to share their opinions with you.

1. nice.

2. I like the guy in the middle, he looks as disgruntled as Albert Belle.

3. Pretty much LOL@mini ponis.

I’m guessing ponis = ponies. The simplicity of the answers made me laugh. I guess I might have to add these as options in the next poll.

Thanks for the 3 awesome responses!

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