American Gladiators Will Be Shown on ESPN Classic

touche, espn. espn classic will begin airing episodes of american gladiators starting tomorrow, march 31. that rules. i love american gladiators. mike adamle and larry csonka calling the plays. assault, breakthrough & conquer, powerball, human canonball, joust, the wall, atlasphere, hang tough, the maze, swingshot, sky track, gauntlet, super powerball, tug-of-war, snapback, whiplash and pyramid waiting to be played. nitro, gemini, laser, hawk, siren, lace, sunny, steel, elektra, viper, rage, SEB, sky, ice, jazz, tower, dallas, zap, gold, malibu, titan, lace #2, blaze, tank, panther, thunder, turbo, rebel , cyclone, sabre and diamond patrolling the games. and then while all this was going on, players like mark ortega and wesley “2 scoops” berry were able to excel, especially at the eliminator (remember when billy wirth got pissed at gemini in powerball, and gemini put billy in his place? priceless).
nitro will be on espn sportsnation this afternoon @ 3. you can talk to him here.
i loved the gladiators. my brother had the nitro figurine, i had laser (i got the singular one, not the one with the generic wesley berry), but i always wanted gemini (he ruled at joust so bad).
they should put american gladiators on dvd. i already have american gladiators: the music. their pose on the cd cover seems pretty generic, i know ive seen it before, but i cant remember where.
mpotd later