…And Then I Turned Off ‘Baby Boy’

I just happened to flip through the channels & i saw the movie "baby boy" on bet (really?). i think ving rhames is in it, or some other blactor that looks like ving. at one point, ving, or his lookalike, clearly the o.g. to baby boy's newbie-ness, tells baby boy that, "you got an oedipus complex, son." now im not black, and i dont pretend to be. but ive never had any black friend tell me that anyone i know has an oedipus complex. before (fake, maybe?) mr rhames could put the -ex on complex, i had already left the room. i was like, "am i watching bet? and did they just say oedipus complex on bet?" then i turned off bet, and contemplated my existence a little

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