Ben Roethlisberger = Offensive Player of the Week

So this is beginning to become a trend.

As long as Steelers players keep racking up individual awards each week, I’ll continue to MS Paint the awards onto their chests. O.k., that sounded odd. Let me try again.

If individual Steelers keep up the stellar work, I’ll scour the internet to find pictures of them with random women.


There’s no easy way to say it. Let’s simplify. Steeler does good. I find picture of Steeler. Picture usually involves woman (or women). Picture is funny in some way. I MS Paint words onto Steeler.

This time, Ben gets the royal treatment. He’s Offensive Player of the Week. Sorry if this is old news to you. I just got back from my out of state trip.

Done and done.

Past Steelers crushin’ the MS Paint, thanks to outstanding individual achievements:

Ike Taylor
James Harrison

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