Best Way to Forget Pitt…

if you are still mourning pitts departure from the dance, get over yourself. most of us saw the loss coming, and losing in the sweet 16 is nothing new, nor is it something to be ashamed of. however, the best way to cure the pitt blues, is by watching the pens. the pens snapped a 2 game regulation winless streak, and beat the atlanta thrashers 2-1 last night. t-bo (who wouldve thought t-bo would be getting tons of attention lately) was the games number 1 star, stopping 25 of 26 shots. it was his eigth appearance in the pens’ last 18 games, and t-bo has only allowed 3 total goals in his past 3 games. well played, jocelyn. as a result of the pens playing earlier than the devils last night, pittsburgh tied atlantic-leading new jersey for the division lead. however, those devils prevailed in a shootout, giving them the upper hand again.
the pens play in about 30 minutes against boston, a team that they have had some trouble against in the recent past. a win today would be critical. the pens can tie nj, and possibly move past them on tuesday, the next time both teams play. i am not looking too far past the bruins, who have been sliding like billy joel into a tree as of late. however, winning today could be the start of the pens jumping from number 5 in the east to the coveted number 2 spot.
in other news, did you happen to see peyton manning on snl last night. it was shamelss exploitation, aside from a few funny spots. the whole time, i was thinking, “man, i bet peyton’s agent engineered a contract that made sure peyton was in every skit.” a lot of non-actors who host snl wont be in more than say, 60% of the skits (my own estimation). it almost seemed like the only way peyton would do the show was if he was in at least 99% of the show. and, peyton made sure to host on his birthday, so that everyone can celebrate him some more. eli came out with the other brother (the one who is slow, or sick, or just skinny or something) to give peyton a big birthday cake, while the whole audience and cast sang to mr manning. ive never been a manning fan. i sure as hell didnt want peyton to beat grossman in the super bowl. now that he has the ring, peyton will never go away. he can take over any entertainment medium and get away with it. all while shaming eli and that one other brother in the process.
more later…

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