Big Night…

im gonna make this short, cos the pens are playin on long island right now. they are up 1-0, on colby armstrong’s first period goal. pens need to win to keep pace with ottawa, who won to re-take 4th in the east. the devils lost, too, so the pens have another chance to tie nj for the atlantic lead. the pens can make a jump from SHIT… islanders just scored to tie it at 1. trent hunter got it past fleury because jordan staal couldnt clear a puch because he broke his “long stick” (im looking at you, steigy and errey).
i was trying to say that the pens can make an impressive jump from the number 5 spot in the east, all the way up to number 2, in only a matter of days. as long as the devils continue to slide a little, the pens can hope to play a 7 seed in the first round rather than settle for either end of the 4-5 matchup.
pitt plays at 940. ish. i cant stand when television producers put actual start times for these tournament basketball games. i understand that there will be four games today, but what if the early games go to bonus play, or the teams cant determine a winner till multiple overtimes? then pitt SHIT, islanders just scored again! rob “the spear” blake. 2-1 isles. i was saying…then pitt will not tip off at 940, and i will get angry at the multiple places that told me the game was supposed to begin at 940.
the pitt-ucla game is going to be defensive, rough, and low scoring, according to the experts. i have no reason to doubt them, considering both teams’ pedigrees. i have ucla beating pitt in the sweet 16, but ive gotten enough wrong picks in my bracket, so i wouldnt really mind having pitt win. oh yeah, bob pompeani did some 30 minute interview with jay bilas, who is calling the game tonight, and the bilas picked ucla…on pittsburgh television. enough said. im not trying to get all mad right now

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