Bo Knows Where to Go (Pro Stars)

as you can tell by my profile name, i like bo jackson. he was simply the most dominating video game athlete. ever. plus, his spiderman walk up the outfield wall after making a catch was awesome. only bo could pull that off. (bo knows how to climb). playing 2 sports at one time is simply amazing. i know neon deion did it, and jeff samardidjzadazsaja (you get the point) could have done both had he not given his allegience to the cubs. bo, was a machine (as evident by his ability to pick up a felled tree trunk in the prostars intro). i cant stand when people dont remember prostars. that show was great. bo jackson, michael jordan and wayne gretzky (none of whom provided their own voice for their characters) helped save the day and brighten the lives of kids everywhere. (bo knows how to rule). the cartoon versions didnt look anything like the athletes themselves, except the wagging tongue that the animators always put on animated-jordan in pressure/tense situations. here’s a better picture of the three protagonists.

the show was kinda like captain planet, except with three athletes who represented all four major sports (thanks for picking up the slack, bo) in place of a green-mulleted nut who appeared only after the indian kid with the monkey forced out a “heart.”

i liked captain planet, but prostars was my shit. it was the ultimate cartoon for the young sports-and-cartoon fan. sports are cool. cartoons are cool. prostars, thank you for being a part of my childhood, even though everyone else has forgotten your tales.

i want to get prostars on dvd.

the show aired in 1991, and was originally meant to be shown on a still-young espn, but nbc picked up the awesomeness.