Break Out The Foam Rubber Pillows!

If you haven’t checked out the leaked Steelers hotel demands, then you should probably head over to The Smoking Gun now.

Most of the guidelines are pretty normal. The team is only allowed to use Heinz ketchup. Would you really expect the Steelers to blast one of their biggest sponsors by eating some off-brand tomato mixture?

Others demands…not so normal. No phone calls are allowed into players’ rooms after 11 P.M., although the players are allowed to phone out. Dan Rooney, Art Rooney and Mike Tomlin need concierge escorts to their respective rooms. Dan also gets foam rubber pillows, whatever those are. An omelet station is required, as is 35 copies of the local daily newspaper. NO ALCOHOL! AT ALL!

Toothpicks for take-out are a must. Chidi Iwuoma and Chukky Okobi obviously need to be placed together in room 906, thus creating the greatest-named roommates in the history of humans. And, Joel Steed and Brenden Stai are still mentioned in the sample room list. Seems like the Rooneys can’t erase these great players from their minds/hotel demands.

For more fun facts and interesting tidbits, check out the entire document at TSG. It really lets us “normies” see how the other half lives.

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