BREAKING NEWS: Bullington Leaves Game With Shoulder Discomfort

These are not words that Pittsburgh fans needed to hear.

The freshly swept Buccos needed no more bad news. Alex Rodriguez hit 2 homers today, finishing off a sweep of the Pirates at Yankee Stadium. Over in Indianapolis, one of the team’s top prospects, Bryan Bullington, left today’s game after pitching one inning.

Bullington’s line was indicative that something was wrong. He allowed 2 walks, a double and a run on 24 pitches. Half of those were strikes.

After Bullington left with shoulder discomfort, the Indians managed 3 runs, but lost 4-3 to Charlotte. Bullington (9-3), after giving up the early run, recorded the loss.

PSaMP hopes that discomfort in the extent of the injury.

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