BREAKING NEWS: Sepulveda Officially Steelers Punter

Who cares about punter with no career punts blocked? Apparently, not the Steelers!

The Gardocki-era is over, and Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that the 16-year veteran was released by Pittsburgh today. Punting duties are now handed to the Steelers’ 4th round pick, Daniel Sepulveda. And I got to use “punting duties” in a post, which is under a BREAKING NEWS headline… about a punter.

Sepulveda was the recipient of the Rudy Guy award, which is handed out to the top punter in Division 1-A, twice in his career at Baylor. He will compete with Mike Barr for the starting position. I don’t think Barr will pose any threat to the punter that the Steelers traded up to select.

Bill Cowher was never a fan of dressing two punters for a game, but I don’t know Mike Tomlin’s perspective. I’m guessing that Sepulveda is “the guy.”

After selecting Sepulveda, it was apparent that Chris Gardocki would not be continuing his unblocked-punts streak in a Pittsburgh uniform.

The stat is impressive (1,177), but I like the decision to go with the highly-touted Sepulveda.

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