Browns Choose Opening Day QB For Steelers To Feast On

The Browns ended months of speculation by naming their opening day QB. And its the tool in the above picture.

Charlie Frye, the wanna-be NFLer from the MAC, who won a total of 4 of his 13 starts last season, beat out last year’s sentimental favorite, Derek Anderson and possible man-lover, Brady Quinn.

There were rumors that Frye was Romeo Crennel’s guy, but the official word was just put out. Now the Steelers know who they will be dominating come September 9th.

When I originally heard the news, I told my Dad that I wanted Quinn to start the regular season (and his career) opener against the nasty Black and Gold, just so he could see how brutal the NFL, let alone the AFC North, will be. Sure, he engineered 4 touchdown drives in his 3 games of play in the preseason, but the Steelers aren’t a whole bunch of backups. I said, “Bring on Quinn…I ain’t scurred.”

Frye has yet to beat the Steelers (please remind me if I’m wrong about that stat), and the pinnacle of his futility came in the Week 11 game last season, when the Browns coughed up all kinds of leads before the Steelers won, 24-20. My Aunt Barb was rushed to the hospital at the start of the game, and I had to drive to Somerset to make sure she was alright. I spent the majority of the game in the waiting room, high-fiving nurses and celebrating the come-from-behind-victory with other patients’ concerned families. The win brought a sense of delight to a place (hospitals) that I can’t stand.

Will Frye exercise all of his demons, leading the upstart Brownies over the celebrated Steelers? I doubt it. With Carey Davis making the team for sure, the Browns have no chance.

I’m kidding for the most part with the Davis-thing, I was just thrilled to see that he made the final cut. However, the end result will not be different. Whether it would’ve been Frye, Anderson or Quinn, I really don’t see the Browns taking the W in Week 1.