Can Kevan Barlow Catch 3rd Down Screen Passes?

The Steelers signed RB Kevan Barlow. His most notable success came as a member of the 49ers. Last season, Barlow was used sparingly in New York as a member of the Jets. He also called Mike Nolan, Hitler.

Barlow is a local kid, having played college ball at Pitt. Kevan’s signing suddenly makes Verron Haynes expendable. Haynes is recovering from a knee injury, and was hoping to be re-signed after being cut earlier this offseason. Lets hope Barlow is up to the task of catching repeated screen passes on every 3rd down.

At the Steelers’ Super Bowl victory parade, I got Haynes (and Chris Hoke. Backups of the world, unite on my hat brim!) to sign my Super Bowl Champions hat. Thanks for the autograph, Verron. You will be (kinda) missed.

Oh, and no more national “experts” calling him Vernon. What was up with all that, anyway? The mispronounced name group lost a key member. We’re left with Jerame Tuman. Its “Jeramy,” not “Jer-aim,” you toolbags.

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