Celebration Begins For Passion!

They did it.

Just like they did all year.

The Passion offense crushed the opposing defense. The Passion defense crushed the opposing offense. This time, however, it was different. This time, the team took home the title.

Your Pittsburgh Passion, 2007 NWFA World Champs!

With a convincing 32-0 win over the Columbus Comets (Trib coverage here, official stats here), the Passion staked their claim in NWFA history as the 7th league champ.

Lisa Horton showed why she is one of the (if not the) premier qurterbacks in the league.

Horton picked apart the Comets’ defense, completing eight of her first 10 passes and engineering touchdown drives on each of the Passion’s first six possessions. She finished 13 of 21 for 167 yards with two touchdown passes and one TD run.

Yeah, you read that right. Talk about coming through in the clutch.

Torina Henley, playing in what is most likely her final game as a member of the Passion, scored the Passion’s first 2 touchdowns. Columbus had no chance after One-Two started the game in favor of Pittsburgh.

As the P-G points out, the only real way in which the team messed up on Saturday night was when they missed coach Ron Coder with the celebratory Gatorade shower. However, that’s one mistake that the team will take.

Congratulations to Teresa Conn and her entire team! This championship was 5 years in the making, and well worth the wait!

Want to check out how the Passion made it to 12-0? Here’s PSaMP’s coverage and the official stats:

Regular Season.

Game 1: Beat Cleveland Fusion, 23-14.

Game 2: Beat Cincinatti Sizzle, 62-7.

Game 3: Beat Central PA Vipers, 52-0.

Game 4: Beat Philadelphia Phoenix, 53-7.

Game 5: Beat Cleveland Fusion, 40-18.

Game 6: Beat Cincinatti Sizzle, 44-7.

Game 7: Beat Philadelphia Phoenix, 40-0.

Game 8: Beat Central PA Vipers, 77-0.


Game 9: Beat Erie Illusion, 63-7.

Game 10: Beat Western Michigan Mayhem, 34-6.

Game 11: Beat Cleveland Fusion, 49-15.

Game 12: Beat Columbus Comets, 32-0. World Champs!

And here’s PSaMP’s interview with Torina One-Two Henley, in case you haven’t read it. And Lisa Horton’s Sportscenter clip. There’s more Passion articles sprinkled throughout PSaMP. You can find them yourself.

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