Celebrity Tie Auction Wrap-Up

Nearly a month ago, I told you about a special tie auction that was helping to benefit the Kane Regional Assisted Living Centers. The results are in, and here’s what some of the ties fetched:

Jimmy Kimmel – $51
Rod Stewart – $450
Kevin McClatchy – $30
Robert Nutting – $21
Luke Ravenstahl – $30
Dave Wannstedt – $37
Mike Tomlin – $88
Bill Cowher – $120
Jay Leno – $275
Max Starks – $56
George Steinbrenner – $225
Dan Rooney – $250
Dan Onorato –$50
Dr. Freddie Fu – $30
Ray Shero – $50
Andrew Stockey – $50
Ted Kennedy – $175
Bob Casey – $40
Jim Krenn –$165
Bob Knight – $110

I’m surprised that George Steinbrenner didn’t overbid everyone to make sure his item was the highest priced. And someone spent bank on the Rod Stewart tie. 450 clams…for a tie. That’s awesome!

Mike Tomlin at 88 bucks and Ray Shero at 50? Bar-gains!

Which one did PSaMP find the most humorous? The lowest price paid was for the Robert Nutting tie. Is that karma or what? Maybe Mr. Mom was right.

Once again, special thanks to PSaMP reader Sean for first informing me about this worthy cause. I hope every one of you bid like a million times.

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