Central PA Vipers Stood No Chance Against Your 3-0 Pittsburgh Passion

This past weekend (Sorry that this is a little late. I’m consumed in finals week), your Pittsburgh Passion absolutely man-handled (woman-handled?) the Central PA Vipers, 52-0. Wilma Walton (above) led the game off for the Passion with a 49 yard touchdown, which was way too much for the Vipes to handle. Walton is 5th in the league with 208 yards receiving on the season.

PSaMP’s favorite Passion player, Torina Henley, completed another game in which her yards per carry mark exceeded the previous game’s total. She only rushed for 70 yards, but those yards were gained on only 4 carries! That’s 17.3 yards per! She also scored a touchdown in every game, leading the Passion with 5 TDs. Her yards per carry average on the season stands at 11.2. Shelley Zoelle also amassed 70 yards on the ground on 7 carries. Still impressive, Shelley.

Lisa Horton finished 3 for 4 for 101 yards and a touchdown. Sticking to the game plan and keeping the ball on the ground, Horton gained 55 yards on 4 rushes, also adding a touchdown with her feet. Lisa is 3rd in the league in passing with 419 yards on the season. Her passer rating leads the league at an unheard-of 139.4.

Aside from Horton’s league lead in passer rating, Pittsburgh punter Daniel Sepulvelda…I mean JoJo Warner, leads the league with her 39 yard average per punt. With Pittsburgh’s unbelievable offense, Warner has only been called on to punt twice, but she’s made those punts count. And hell yeah, I will celebrate any Pittsburgh player who leads the league in any stat.

Impressively, the Passion have scored 137 points trough 3 games, only allowing 21 points against. Their scoring marks are only bested by the 3-0 Chattanooga Locomotion, who have scored 160 points and only given up 7. In 3 games. Some of these stats are ridiculous!

Next week, the Passion host the Philadelphia Phoenix (1-2).

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