Charles Is A Badass

I needed to write this down, because it was sorta surreal.

I was just at practice for college commencement, and I was sitting next to my buddy, Charles, who is black. Someone started passing around surveys and pencils, so that the graduating seniors could evaluate some stuff. As I passed the papers and pencils to Chas, a self-trained martial artist with two moms, he grabbed the only black pencil (which, surprisingly, had the word black written on it) and emitted the following sentences in quick succession:

“Why do we gotta be here? I got stuff to do. Aww yea, I got the only black pencil. And it says black on it. We should hurry up. I gotta go feed my sharks.”

While this has nothing to do with sports (Unless we’re talking about the martial arts), I needed to document this for my own enjoyment/amusement. Let me have my moment…