Check Out This Cool Pittsburgh Passion Video

Since the beginning of the postseason, the Post-Gazette has jumped on the Pittsburgh Passion bandwagon. Hard.

As the team’s been making their move, Tyler Batiste and Annie O’Neill have been all over the team. Not that its a bad thing, because the team deserves all the respect/recognition in the world. I just would’ve liked to see more coverage when the team was 1-0, not just when they reached 11-0.

Jody diPerna of the Pittsburgh City Paper, put it best when she said that:

…Being a devotee of alternative music requires a certain mindset. There is pride in swimming upstream, in discovering a band or appreciating sounds that haven’t yet reached the great unwashed masses. There’s a perverse sense of superiority: If you’re in the know, you later get to lord it over your friends that you saw The White Stripes at the 31st Street Pub, before they entered the national consciousness.

I feel the same way about the Pittsburgh Passion, the city’s women’s football team.

Prior to the postseason, I had to check with several unique sources to find any info about the games, players, opponents, etc. Its tough, when you’re the official unofficial Passion blogger.

However, the P-G did post a stellar video, available for your viewing here.

You should definitely check out the video, as the team prepares for the NWFA World Championship on Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee.

That is all. For now…

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