Could Any Other “Expert” Show Some Love?

according to’s “the talk” (whatever that is), the topic of knowledgeable sports fans came up. not surprisingly, two of the four “experts” (i use that term lightly because i am about to use the words john, clayton, joe, theismann, and experts in the same sentence) picked pittsburgh steelers fans at the front of the list. those two, of course, were john clayton and joe theismann. eric allen picked chiefs fans, presumably because more than one person from kansas city turned on a television when lamar hunt passed away. len pasquarelli picked the eagles, i guess because philly gave him a lifetime supply of cheesesteaks and victory beer that len is trying to consume in one day. however, mr. pasquarelli did give the steelers a sort of honorable mention, yet disrespected this pick by placing steelers fans and browns fans together. i guess when he thought about knowledge in cleveland, he felt it meant strapping a dog mask to your face to watch your (second attempt at a) team constantly lose.
if a survey was taken, id be willing to bet that each person in the picture abve knows more about sports than any cleveland fan, let alone philly and kc.

i was happy to see that steelers fans got some attention. a friend of mine is from boston, and is a diehard pats/bosox fan. there were times that me n him almost got into fisticuffs (i always wanted to use that in a sentence) in discussing the pats and the steelers. at least this article in espn will give a little more credibility to my claim that the steelers rule.

thats all for now. just wanted to show that steeler fans are correct in assuming that we might not know everything, but we sure know a lot.

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