Dan Kreider Supplanted

Wow wow we wow! Its been a rough stretch for the former (that sounds odd) starting fullback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. A week ago, Dan was sitting on the bubble, just wondering if he’d make the team. Less than a week later, he’s been demoted in favor of an undrafted free agent, and could even be deactivated for the season opener.

PSaMP’s preseason fave, Carey Davis, will occupy the starting fullback position for the season opener against the Browns. To be fair, I wanted Davis to make the team, but I assumed Danny would still be the starting fullback. I assumed wrong.

At this point, I’m wondering if Kreider did something to piss off Bruce Arians. Kreider has been the starter for the past five seasons, and his position was never questioned before Arians took control of the offense. First, Arians puts most of his stock in big, white TEs, then lets Kreider ride the bubble, then yanks him in favor of a guy who hasn’t played a down in the NFL. And now he expects Willie Parker to build on last year’s success? Even Willie said he wanted Dan blocking for him. This doesn’t bode well for Fast Bill.

This is nothing against Davis. I love what he did in the preseason, and I expect great things from him. I just can’t see the running game excelling with this lack of consistency. Jerome Bettis was mad when Tim Lester was let go. There must be some consistency between RB and FB for any hope of success. Willie said he’s comfortable with Kreider, and that’s been taken away. I know Arians said the position will be evaluated week by week, but that just adds to the inconsistency.

I really hope Arians knows what he’s doing. He’s not the Offensive Coordinator of the Browns anymore.

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