Dante Was a Crafty One

me and my sisters like to reminisce about being young, collecting baseball cards, having fun, you know, all that kid stuff that was way too sweet, but then we got older and now we gotta focus on the real world, jobs, bills, etc. we might discuss saved by the bell or full house. occassionally, we will remember snorks, gummi bears, or other stupid cartoons tht ruled back in the day.
baseball cards were one staple that we never did without. we would make sure to by 25 cent packs, hoping to score a barry bonds or bobby bonilla, or john smiley for that matter, just because they were from the hometown team. looking back on some of the guys we would trade, collect, or keep in protective sleeves, the names and careers are so laughable. like, why did i keep kevin appier and mickey tettleton in plastic sleeves? ron karkovice was a favorite. bob tewksbury, otis nixon, jose lind, andre dawson and bert blylevin all made their rounds between our collections.
i found the picture of dante bichette online, and decided that id find out what the bich-man was up to these days. apparently, hes still semi-relevant, making his rounds, along with eric young, to rockies camp. this, in no way, can help colorado. bichette’s son plays on some 14 year olds team, and youngs son is a rockies prospect. great.
i dont know why i even posted this. probably just because i found a sweet picture of dante bichette and wanted to show it. look at his sly smile. upper deck had no idea the hilarity caused by dantes shirt. i think i always think of him because i get him and steve buechele, a one-time pirate, mixed up.
thats all

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