Defeated Jersey (Shirt and State)

i got a couple things to get of my chest. (got that stress off my chest like a breast reduction). my inner rage was sweet. and it worked. because that (note picture above) is the face of the man who outdueled one martin brodeur and held the devils scoreless, to post his first shutout of the season and first in three years! t-bo doesnt get enough love on the internet, mainly because hes backing up a former number one overall draft pick, and certainly a young goalie who most teams would want to face off against the mighty brodeur, in marc-andre fleury. im a big supporter of the flower. but ill give credit where credit is due and thank t-bo for calming my rage against the brodeur jersey girl.

“ooh, ill wear a brodeur jersey to a pittsburgh-area college on the same night that the devils host the penguins.”

thats a joke. pens won. brodeur jersey girl looked foolish. like a fool. quit being a fake nhl fan. pens are now within 4 points of the devils, and in 4th place in the east. that means a home series at least in the first round of the playoffs. imagine the igloo on those nights! ruutu scored, christensen scored, and staal, who matched his goal total from juniors last year (28), scored to put the game away.
holding the devils scoreless in the 1st period was key to t-bo havin a grrrrreat nite. (sorry, had to do that).
i know gomez hit the post, and it was lucky that he did, but ill take a little bit of luck when playing a good team like the devils. (see, i can give the brodeur bunch credit even though they have been a bitch to win against for quite some time).
beating the top 2 teams in the conference in successive night is not only impressive, but should at least be worthy of mention on’s front page.
embrace the nhl, espn. just because you dont carry the games doesnt mean that the only mention of the nhl during the week is when john buccigross listens to some hootie and the blowfish (or tonic or dishwalla or r.e.m. or some other 90s alt/rock/indie group) and decides to write their lyrics alongside a picture of teppo numminen with buccigross’s kids or something. dont get me wrong, buccigross isnt bad, but i think the nhl should give a little more love rather than bucci and barry melrose and linda cohn, who promises a gluttony of glove saves in her weekly column!
ok im dun right now. ill be back later

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