Eric Maynor = The Man

duke just lost. like only a couple seconds ago. in the first round of the tourney. to vcu. that virginia commonwealth for those who dont know. the game was tied with just over 10 seconds left. eric maynor, vcu’s point guard, waved off a possible timeout by the vcu sideline on the inbounds. he proceeded to take the ball up court very calmly, at which point he unloaded a high percentage shot from right about the foul line. swish. with about 1.5 seconds left. this was amazing. i picked duke to beat vcu in my bracket, but after watching vcu battle from 13 down, i was rooting for the rams. ive never been a duke fan, but i picked them because its duke, and it was the first round of the tourney. i wasnt rooting for duke at all, since i had them losing to pitt in the 2nd round. maynor’s numbers this year are good, but nothing amazing. however, his 22 points against duke, coupled with the balls to take the last shot without calling a timeout, makes me bow my head and say, “you rule, eric maynor.” that sequence was so sweet. ill see if i can find a youtube clip of it or something, but this literally just happened. i felt i needed to write this down real bad.
now if (when) pitt defeats dashaun wood and wright state, it sets up a matchup between pitt and the heroics of eric maynor. damn.

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